We’ve interviewed Administrators of Assisted Living Facilities, Directors of Environmental Services at Hospitals, VP’s of banking industries, Operation Managers of Malls, Restaurants, Hotels, Food manufacturing and warehouse/distribution and everything in between.

We hit all the core commercial pest control market customers and ask them what they look for in a provider, how to approach them and contact them, what does and does not work when “trying to sell them”.

We ask them about appearance of the salesman, his demeanor and attitude. We even discuss after the sale how they want the tech to show up on property and their appearance and professionalism.

We will be adding interviews with residential customers as well as focus group recordings with residential customers as time goes on. We will be adding new videos through out the year of other facilities across the country to target specific markets and specific industries.

  • It takes months even years for salespeople to get the experience & feel comfortable enough to call on big facilities, these interviews help speed up that process. Giving you insight to what the decision makers want and are looking for.
  • Follow the correct protocol when calling on a facility.
  • Build confidence for your new and current salespeople.
  • Want technicians to sale a couple accounts a month but they don’t know how or feel comfortable doing so? This is the perfect tool to build their confidence.
  • Have you told your sales staff things & they don’t believe you? Let these administrators & operation managers reaffirm everything you have been trying to tell them.
  • If you are a National company, listen to what they say about you and the local companies.
  • If you are a Local company, listen to what they say about you versus the National companies…use this information to your benefit.

We will have Point Of View videos of facilities such as Hospitals, Malls, Assisted Living Facilities and others showing how to break down facilities in order to provide the best service and how to even figure pricing on these facilities.

Giving you and your staff the tools they need to compete and earn new commercial business in your market.

We have companies from New York to California contacting us all asking similar questions:

  • New York: We have commercial salespeople who only feel comfortable selling $100-$200 stops. Can you train them or help them to go after bigger accounts?
  • Florida: We recently lost our “stud” commercial salesman and have been unable to find a replacement with his level of experience and expertise. We have hired good quality salespeople, but they just need the knowledge & confidence to go after the big accounts.
  • Texas: We constantly go up against the big boys (Terminix, Orkin, Ecolab) on bids for hospitals & other healthcare type facilities and we never even get a follow up call or email from the clients. When we ask what we can do to improve our proposal process they refuse to help or point out our weaknesses. Can you help?
  • Missouri: How do you even begin to bid on a hospital? We wouldn’t even know where to begin, but we want to.
  • These are just a few of the responses we have heard when talking with other companies. The truth is, if you have never serviced or dealt with these bigger accounts it can be near impossible to get your foot in the door.
  • Let us take 19 years of running commercial branches and building local mid size companies to $1 million, $3 million up to $10 million with proper sales that turn into long time loyal customers.
  • You will get monthly reports to show who in your branch/company has
    logged on and what videos they have watched to better help you track their
    education and for accountability.
  • We will provide you with a commercial proposal template that we have found to be most effective and pleasing to the client as it gives them all the information they need and expect. You can customize it to your specifications.
  • We offer monthly newsletters from our staff and guest entomologist.
  • We will have video blogs interviews with pest control business owners.
  • We offer video blogs or webinars from Pest Chemical Makers and Pest
    Equipment reps introducing you to new products on the market and any new promotions. From time to time there will be MEMBER ONLY promotions that they run, providing you with deep discounts on products & supplies.
  • There are NO advertisements on our videos either before or after…just pure 100% training/interview videos.
  • We have created a “pest newsgathering” website where you can go to and on one page get all your pest news from across the country in one place. Often times learning about new situations that you can use in the sales process. Example: Local store found to have bed bugs—then use that article to visit that store or similar stores to offer your service to. Example: Healthcare facility cited by state and given shut down warning for roach and mice activity. WE HAVE USED both of these articles in past to call on and acquire new clients.
  • We will be offering our own RFP (request for proposal) service, where when you sign up, you will get via email, updated listings of available RFP’s in your state. This will keep you in the loop for city, county, schools, universities, hospitals and the like when they send out notices for bids. No more going from Website to Website daily or weekly to see if they have put the service out to bid. No more checking the local papers for these types of facilities (currently under construction & to be rolled out at a yet to be determined date).

We will have Point Of View videos of facilities such as Hospitals, Malls, Assisted Living Facilities and others showing how to break down facilities in order to provide the best service and how to even figure pricing on these facilities. Giving you and your staff the tools they need to compete and earn new commercial business in your market.

How to Service/Sales Videos
Facility Breakdown
We will present you with exterior and sometimes interior shots of facilities as we discuss what to look for and how to price certain types of facilities.
Besides price, they discuss what is important to them and how companies can separate themselves from the pack.
Hotel Managers and ownership partners discuss why they choose the companies they did and what they have done to keep their business.
Food Distribution
Commercial Large
We interview Environmental Services Directors of Hospitals and the Administarators of Assisted Living facilities to find out EXACTLY what they NEED from the PCO’s!
Warehouse managers, food production line managers and Operations managers discussing why they need pest control, how they need it done and what they look for in companies and is experience a MUST?
When bidding on facilities this size, it is not uncommon for 3 bids to be within $5.00 of each other. Listen to what they have to say on why they choose who they do based on appearance, knowledge and professionalism.
Warehouse managers and Operation managers discussing their needs and wants for pest control and giving insight to what makes them choose the companies they do.
Commercial Retail Small
Interior Pesticides
Exterior Pesticides
These are the shops that even your technicians can target with confidence, expressing what is important to them besides price. Often times in this niche of business, prices are bid very close to each other. Separate yourselves with the things they say are important.
From administrators to buildings and grounds, hear from the decision makers and influencers on what they want and like to hear from their pest company.
Fleas & Ticks
Bed Bugs
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  • Alex Jones We are a strictly residential business as that is how my father started the business and all he has ever.... (June 4, 2013)

  • Bill Smith We have just 1 salesman and 4 technicians...I as the owner never have time to go out and help "train".... (May 31, 2013)

  • Sam Excellent training videos able to secure 3 new commercial accounts with the training we received! Absolutely.... (June 5, 2013)

All of these add to the expertise and knowledge of your sales staff that they can utilize to help sale and land more clients. Bigger clients. More profitable clients. We share experiences we have had in 19+ years in the market that have helped us land, keep and increase pricing with added value. We share techniques that have helped us land hospitals, school districts and the like and negotiate with them before the end of the contract to renew for another 5 years without them putting the service out to bid again, ensuring the safety of the account and preventing the risk of losing it to low ball bidders. We discuss ways to help build the relationship with the decision makers & create strong, loyal bonds that make them want to help you want to do all they can to keep you & your service. Most importantly we help you and your staff get up to speed and obtain the knowledge and confidence needed to go head to head with your competitors and land the $1,000 to $6,000 a month accounts. We are always open to suggestions & if you know of facilities that in the future will come up to bid and want us to try and do an interview with them to help you gain insight to what they are looking for, we are available to reach out to them and inquire if they would be willing.


1-10 Branches $900ea. 11-20 Branches $800 ea. 21-50 Branches $700 ea. 51+ Branches $600 ea.

For $900 a year per branch for this service, all it takes is for ONE salesman to sell a $75.00 a month account to cover the cost of the program and everything after is pure profit. There is no better program and there is no other program that is this inexpensive and that gives you and your staff so much, out there in the market today. There is NO per person fee, $900 per branch covers all employees based in that branch.

We guarantee complete satisfaction on all our training videos FOR 30 DAYS or your money back!